101 Things to Do 'Til the Revolution: Ideas and Resources by Claire Wolfe

By Claire Wolfe

Changing into autonomous.

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If you have the courage, bear your gun as you wish. It is your right. Think of it as an act of civil disobedience. In many western states, concealed carry without a permit is merely a misdemeanor, and one most law enforcement agencies won't even enforce. In other states, like New York, it's a felony and they'll treat you like a murderer for doing it. If you don't want to break the law, then work to change it. Only one state recognizes the rights of gun owners. Little Vermont has no restrictions on the right to carry firearms, openly or concealed.

101 Things To Do 'Til The Revolution 18 Keep your laws off my body. " I'm from the government. I'm here to help you. BLAM!!! Big Brother is here — and he's retarded! Buy a gun. You'll need it. Yesterday it was David Koresh. Tomorrow it could be you. Fear of government is the second step to wisdom. Support your local heretic. To permit is to control. Don't drink to excess. You might shoot at tax collectors and miss. — Robert A. Heinlein Government: get out of my bed and my pocketbook. / resigned.

The old men opened fire. With careful economy of effort, they systematically shot the lead horses in their traces, killed two sergeants, and wounded the officer in command. The surviving British soldiers took another look at these old men, and fled for their lives. They ran down the road, threw their weapons into a pond, and started running again. They came upon an old woman named Mother Batherick, so impoverished that she was digging a few weeds from a vacant field for something to eat. The panic-stricken British troops surrendered to her and begged her protection.

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