50 Boyfriends Worse Than Yours by Justin Racz

By Justin Racz

Tired of looking at your guy play X-Box all day? Does he cruise match.com if you end up now not domestic? while he's taking you again to his position, does his mom solution the door? 50 Boyfriends Worse Than Yours is a hilarious choice of those painfully normal boyfriends, males we've got all had the misfortune to satisfy. there is Thrifty, who thinks taking you out to Chuck E Cheese is captivating; Goth man, who borrows your makeup; huge puppy proprietor, who wears his Python round the residence. Rounding out the checklist are The Flaw Corrector, The comic (who's utilizing you for material), One place Peter (enough said), and Balding and sensitive approximately It. isn't really revenge candy? humorous, impossible to resist, and immediately relatable, 50 Boyfriends Worse Than Yours is the best Valentine's Day reward. listed here are fifty boyfriends so undesirable you will toast to being unmarried.

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25. OCD He's gentle, clean, and attentive. He never leaves the toilet seat up. But he will lift it and close it ten times as part of his ritual. Instead of shaking hands with people, he bows. "Uh-oh. " Meticulous. Every book and CD is alphabetically organized. The remote controls are stacked in order of size. Frankly, it's a little creepy. He made an exception for your father, and shook his hand. Then he immediately whipped out the antibacterial lotion in front of him. 26. Vegan If you're not a vegetarian, vegan, or fruitarian, forget it.

Enjoy the pimped ride. No beverages in the car. Corinthian leather stains easily. 32. Jesus Beard He has a slight God complex. He thinks having the beard of the Messiah makes him holier than thou, but it just makes it difficult to get a good table at a restaurant. The freaks always get seated in the back. Technically, it's divine. But really it's just shaggy and unkempt (and not so great-smelling, either). Something by Phish. Mom's old Volvo. When he realizes corporate America requires a clean shave, that crumb-catcher will come right off.

Activist He's passionate and driven about causes —Save the Humpbacks, free Tibet, Give a Hoot, Don't Pollute. Your importance ranks somewhere between landfill dumping and stem cell research. This relationship will not work if you're from a red state. No logos. He invites you to picket a recently reviewed restaurant because he found out the chef doesn't use free-range chicken and makes his dishwashers work unseemly hours for little pay. The Nation. He's also passionate and driven in bed. He'd rather be chained to the White House gate for two days than go to Cape Cod for the weekend.

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