50 Core American Documents: Required Reading for Students, by Christopher Burkett

By Christopher Burkett

The Ashbrook Center’s 50 middle American files is intended to introduce

readers to America’s tale because it has spread out from the yank Founding

into the 20th Century. a few of the records emphasize America’s

uniqueness and contributions to the area, yet additionally they current different

views on the various significant matters and disputes in American background and government,

especially at the which means of liberty, the injustice of slavery, and the

demands of growth. Taken as such, the records display a type of political

dialogue to readers, an ongoing and profoundly consequential conversation

about how american citizens have agreed and infrequently disagreed at the that means of

freedom and self-government. 50 middle American files invitations teachers

and electorate alike to hitch during this American political dialogue.

The Ashbrook middle restores and strengthens the capacities of the American

people for constitutional self-government. the guts teaches scholars and

teachers throughout our state why the USA is phenomenal and what America

represents within the lengthy historical past of the area. Ashbrook is the nation’s largest

university-based educator within the enduring ideas and perform of unfastened government

in the USA, delivering courses and assets for students,

teachers, and voters.

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Sharman] had admitted that in a very small State, faction & oppression would prevail. It was to be inferred then that wherever these prevailed the State was too small. Had they not prevailed in the largest as well as the smallest, tho’ less than in the smallest; and were we not thence admonished to enlarge the sphere as far as the nature of the Government would admit? This was the only defence against the inconveniencies of democracy consistent with the democratic form of Government. All civilized Societies would be divided into different Sects, Factions, & interests, as they happened to consist of rich & poor, debtors & creditors, the landed, the manufacturing, the commercial interests, the inhabitants of this district or that district, the followers of this political leader or that political leader, the disciples of this religious Sect or that religious Sect.

It is unalienable, because the opinions of men, depending only on the evidence contemplated by their own minds cannot follow the dictates of other men: It is unalienable also, because what is here a right towards men, is a duty towards the Creator. It is the duty of every man to render to the Creator such homage and such only as he believes to be acceptable to him. This duty is precedent, both in order of time and in degree of obligation, to the claims of Civil Society. Before any man can be considered as a member of Civil Society, he must be considered as a subject of the Governour of the Universe: And if a member of Civil Society, who enters into any subordinate Association, must always do it with a reservation of his duty to the General Authority; much more must every man who becomes a member of any particular Civil society, do it with a saving of his allegiance to the Universal Sovereign.

Corner Stone” Speech 32. Final Emancipation Proclamation 33. Gettysburg Address 34. Resolution Submitting the Thirteenth Amendment to the States 35. Second Inaugural Address 36. Oration in Memory of Abraham Lincoln 37. Plessy v. Ferguson 38. Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine 39. New Nationalism Speech 40. Progressive Party Platform of 1912 41. “Fourteen Points” Message 42. Speech on the 150th Anniversary of the Declaration of Independence 43. Commonwealth Club Address 44. Speech on the Consequences of the Proposed New Deal 45.

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