A Companion to the Latin Language by James Clackson

By James Clackson

A spouse to the Latin Language provides a suite of unique essays from overseas students that song the advance and use of the Latin language from its origins to its modern-day usage.

  • Brings jointly contributions from the world over popular classicists, linguists and Latin language specialists
  • Offers, in one quantity, an in depth account of alternative literary registers of the Latin language
  • Explores the social and political contexts of Latin
  • Includes new debts of the Latin language in mild of recent linguistic theory
  • Supplemented with illustrations masking the advance of the Latin alphabet
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Reproduced by permission of The Center for Epigraphical and Palaeographical Studies, The Ohio State University. They show much the same variation in form as Etruscan letters on inscriptions from Caere and Veii, a fact that may point to continued Etruscan–Latin contact and crossfertilization. 5 is a synopsis of letterforms extracted from Very Old Latin inscriptions. The letters in the table illustrate some of the diversity of form at this early period. 7). The letters V and L were written upside down.

The spelling of /kw/ by means of Q is probably to be seen as a simplification of QV. 18 We might then recognize several sub-systems for the spelling for the velars: (1a): CI, CE, KA, KO, QV (Forum inscription); (1b) CI, CE, KA, QO, QV (Kavidios inscription); (2a) CI, CE, CA, CO, Q (Duenos inscription); etc. , Giacomelli (1963) text 1: soc[iai] “friend,” ceres “Ceres,” arcentelom “of silver,” porded “offered,” karai “dear,” f[if]iqod “made,” eqo “I” = CI, CE, KA, QO, (QV); Giacomelli (1963) text 2: eco “I,” quton “drinking cup” = CO, QV; Giacomelli (1963) text 3: sociai “friend,” kaios “Gaius,” kapena “Capena,” kalketia “Calcetia” = CI, KA, KE; Giacomelli (1963) text 4: eko “I,” kaisiosio “Caesius” = KA, KO.

2093). Some Old Latin orthographic practices continued to be used sporadically during the Classical period and beyond. 3884). , GESTÁRVUM, (Res Gestae, preamble), AHENEIS (Res Gestae, preamble), EXPVLI (Res Gestae 2), EMERITEIS (Res Gestae 16). 4 Comparison of archaic Etruscan and Latin letterforms Archaic Etruscan letterforms Archaic Latin letterforms alpha beta gamma delta epsilon wau zeta heta theta iota kappa lambda mu nu omicron pi san qoppa rho sigma tau upsilon xi phi khi not attested not attested became moribund.

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