A Play of Shadow (Night's Edge, Book 2) by Julie E. Czerneda

By Julie E. Czerneda

What could you possibility for family?

In the second one installment of Night's aspect, Bannan Larmensu, the truthseer who received Jenn Nalynn's middle, learns his brother-in-law was once despatched as a peace envoy to Channen, capitol of the mysterious area of Mellynne, and has disappeared. while Bannan's younger nephews arrive in Marrowdell, he fears the worst, that his sister, the fiery Lila, has long gone looking for her husband, leaving her sons in his care.

The legislations forbids Bannan from leaving Marrowdell and vacationing to Mellynne to aid his sister. during this global. As a turn-born, Jenn Nalynn has the ability to pass into the paranormal realm of the Verge, and take Bannan along with her. as soon as there, they can be able into Mellynne.

If they live to tell the tale. The Verge is wild and lethal, alive with unusual magic. Dragons roar and kruar wait in ambush, and the robust turn-born who take care of their global don't deal with Jenn Nalynn.

She's prepared to attempt. Wisp and Scourge — and the home toads — provide their help.

But what none of them comprehend is that magic is rife in Channen, magic that flows from the Verge itself. and never even a turn-born could be secure there.

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