Acoustical Measurements (rev.) by L. Beranek

By L. Beranek

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In MIL-53(Cr), profiles corresponding to three-dimensional diffusion and convoluted with the instrumental resolution do not fit perfectly through the experimental points (Fig. 6a and Ref. [22] for spectra obtained at other Q values). A normal one-dimensional diffusion model, with a more waisted shape, fits better the experimental data (Fig. 6b and Ref. [22]). This is due to the interaction between H2 and the µ2-OD groups, leading to a one-dimensional diffusion along the tunnels via a jump sequence involving these hydroxyl groups.

The diffusivities computed from MD, even for H2, have been found to be quite sensitive to the mobility of the linker [26]. This is illustrated in Fig. 9, where a comparison between experimental and calculated self-diffusivities shows that an agreement is only reached for a flexible framework. As detailed in Sect. 2, quantum corrections were included via the Feynman–Hibbs approach [26]. 6 Å), was found to be less pronounced, the agreement with QENS values being not as good as in ZIF-8 [26]. 2 Quantum Effects on the Diffusion of Hydrogen Isotopes Conventional methods for H2 isotope separation, such as cryogenic distillation or thermal diffusion, are complex and energy intensive.

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