Algebra and Trigonometry with Analytic Geometry, Classic by Earl Swokowski, Jeffery A. Cole

By Earl Swokowski, Jeffery A. Cole

The newest variation within the hugely revered Swokowski/Cole precalculus sequence keeps the weather that experience made it so well liked by teachers and scholars alike: its exposition is apparent, the time-tested workout units function numerous functions, its uncluttered format is beautiful, and the trouble point of difficulties is acceptable and constant. Mathematically sound, ALGEBRA AND TRIGONOMETRY WITH ANALYTIC GEOMETRY, vintage version, 12E, successfully prepares scholars for additional classes in arithmetic via its very good, time-tested challenge units.

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N (2) If a Ͼ 0, then 2a is the positive real number b such that bn ϭ a. n (3) (a) If a Ͻ 0 and n is odd, then 2a is the negative real number b such n that b ϭ a. n (b) If a Ͻ 0 and n is even, then 2a is not a real number. 4, are needed to define 2a if a Ͻ 0 and n is an even positive integer, because for all real numbers b, bn Ն 0 whenever n is even. 2 If n ϭ 2, we write 2a instead of 2 a and call 2a the principal square 3 root of a or, simply, the square root of a. The number 2 a is the (principal) cube root of a.

43–44: Approximate the real-number expression. Express the answer in scientific notation accurate to four significant figures. 52 ϫ 10 3 Exer. 19–24: The two given numbers are coordinates of points A and B, respectively, on a coordinate line. Express the indicated statement as an inequality involving the absolute value symbol. 84 ϫ 10 3͒ 45 The point on a coordinate line corresponding to 22 may be determined by constructing a right triangle with sides of length 1, as shown in the figure. Determine the points that correspond to 23 and 25, respectively.

The largest documented halibut weighed 230 kilograms. Estimate its length. 43, where W is in tons and L is in feet. Estimate the weight of a whale that is 25 feet long. 99 Weight lifters’ handicaps O’Carroll’s formula is used to handicap weight lifters. If a lifter who weighs b kilograms lifts w kilograms of weight, then the handicapped weight W is given by w Wϭ 3 . 2 b Ϫ 35 Suppose two lifters weighing 75 kilograms and 120 kilograms lift weights of 180 kilograms and 250 kilograms, respectively.

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