American Quest by Sienna Skyy

By Sienna Skyy

Bruce and Gloria are in love. yet their extreme passions for all times and for every different have made them unwitting pawns in a cosmic conflict among forces for reliable and evil. on the way to satisfy his darkish future, Enervata, a demonic spirit, captures Gloria. to avoid wasting her, Bruce needs to embark on a quest throughout the USA, armed with simply the scantest of clues. numerous humans sign up for him in this quest, together with his ally, a rocker, a stand-up comedienne, a bit outdated Italian woman, an old-beyond-her-years baby, and a unusually visionary fortuneteller. they're going to face overwhelming demanding situations from Enervata's minions at each flip. And as they do, Gloria's destiny - and the destiny of all humanity - turns into ever extra tenuous.At as soon as an imagination-stirring fable, a relocating love tale, and an endearing story of friendship and sacrifice, American Quest is a rousing and ceaselessly fascinating examining adventure.

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I’ll make it quick,” Jamie said as they entered the ladies’ room and she ducked into a stall. But the wrongside-out zipper proved tricky to disengage. “Take your time. ” And with that, Jamie had enough. She swung the stall door open and glared at Candace, dress still hiked to her hips. ” Candace looked taken aback and ducked her chin like a pouty child. “I just don’t like—” “Don’t hand me that. You’ve been nervous all night! ” Jamie turned her back to Candace sharply, hand on hip. Candace blew out a breath.

You know. ” Jamie saw Candace take a deep breath and blow it out slowly through her lips. “Yes. ” 5 NEW YORK THE REACH OUT AND READ fundraiser wasn’t one of hers, but Gloria’s boss asked her to go anyway in the hopes that she might meet new benefactors. They were always on the lookout. Gloria felt as though she was pitching potential Woven Hillside donors in her dreams. A table bearing flowers, hors d’oeuvres, and a champagne fountain stood at the center of the room. Above it, a grand chandelier hung so low that Gloria could reach up and touch the luminous crystals.

As Gloria made unintended eye contact with the man, his voice thundered. ” he said. “Swear your allegiance! ” Gloria felt pressure on her arm as Bruce quickened their pace. But the subway prophet leaped into their path, cornering them before they reached the turnstiles. ” he said. “A bond-recherché! My God. And you’re not even listening. Didn’t you hear what I just said? ” Bruce raised his hand. “Easy, friend. ” The man stared at Bruce, heaving, and then let his eyes travel to Gloria. “Yes. Oh, yes, yes.

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