Servant (The Dark God, Book 1) by John D. Brown

By John D. Brown

A blacksmith's daughter accused of utilizing the darkish and terrifying sleth magic.

The younger guy who hunts her.

And the substantial creature whose darkish starvation can't be sated.

Trapped in an online of lies and historical secrets and techniques, of correct changing into unsuitable, the 3 needs to fight not just opposed to one another, but additionally opposed to a being of impossible to resist powers who's accumulating her servants to herald the approaching human harvest.

If the 3 be triumphant, they'll store these they love the main. in the event that they fail, the clans of the land fall with them.


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No way,” Kaye said. This time Janet just laughed. They walked into the mall through the movie theater entrance. Boys and girls were gathered in packs on the steps, waiting for rides or having a cigarette before their movie started. Janet walked past them like a goddess, not looking at anybody, perfectly curled hair and glistening lipstick looking as though it was effortless for her. It made Kaye wonder where she’d learned this skill with beauty—as a kid Janet had had a perpetually woolly perm and unlaced sneakers.

I almost kicked this girl’s ass. Dough kept telling me to chill, but I was too wasted and upset. ” “Sure, okay. qx4 3/6/14 9:59 AM Page 40 hung up. Kaye turned it off and dropped it on the comforter. Kaye looked around her bedroom. Her clothes lay in drifts on the floor, most still in the black garbage bags. All the furniture was the same as it had been when she was four, child-size white furniture, pink walls, and a reproachful, glass-eyed army of dolls arranged in the bookshelves. I have to find Gristle and Spike.

Qx4 3/6/14 9:59 AM Page 49 time of year, scattering from the nearby tree all over the lawn. She picked it up and looked toward the window again. Maybe it was open after all. The acorn was light in her hand, and she noticed a tiny strip of white sticking out from under the cap. Corny was dampening a towel and wiping off his face. She didn’t think he’d thrown the acorn—she’d been talking to him when she’d felt it hit. Kaye pulled lightly on the acorn cap, and it came loose. Inside the nutshell, all the meat was gone, leaving an empty space where a slip of paper was coiled.

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