Zeolites as Catalysts, Sorbents and Detergent Builders: by H. G. Karge, J. Weitkamp

By H. G. Karge, J. Weitkamp

This new publication may be welcomed via businesses fascinated with catalysis and catalyst production, sorbent and detergent creation, chemical and petroleum refining, and through examine scientists in academia. It includes seventy six unique contributions of contemporary paintings on basic and technological points of zeolite learn and alertness. specific awareness is paid to novel advancements in zeolite catalysis, sorption on zeolites and use of zeolites as detergent developers. difficulties of zeolite synthesis, constitution, amendment, ion trade, diffusion and novel purposes also are handled. subject matters that are the topic of a lot present curiosity also are taken care of, e.g. new catalytic purposes of zeolites within the synthesis of excellent chemical compounds, novel formulations of detergent developers and industrially constructed zeolite-based separation methods. the applying of zeolites is usually mentioned from either financial and ecological issues of view. The contributions disguise a variety of fabrics and effects that are organised, to a wide quantity, in tables and figures and are pointed out via acceptable keyword phrases.

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Al203 ( r e f . 14) and Fe i n FeO ( r e f . 151, o r t h e a c i d base p a i r s i t e s on t h e mixed o x i d e s as Ti02eZr02 ( r e f . 1 6 ) . R e s u l t s from a c o n t i n u o u s - f l o w f i x e d - b e d m i c r o r e a c t o r a r e g i v e n i n Table 2 . N o n - o x i d a t i v e dehydrogenation t o s t y r e n e and d e a l k y l a t i o n t o benzene were t h e main r e a c t i o n s i n t h e c o n v e r s i o n o f e t h y l b e n z e n e on A1P04-5 based m o l e c u l a r s i e v e s a t 5OO0C, w h i l e t h e amorphous aluminophosphates e x h i b i t e d v e r y low a c t i v i t y on b o t h r e a c t i o n s .

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